Career Development Support -
When to Seek It

by May Bleeker-Phelan, 9 Feb 2021

Pain Triggers

People often seek career development support when they are struggling with something. When you have a thorn in your foot, you look for an appropriate means to remove the thorn.

If you are dealing with any of the following, you might be interested in exploring your career development support options.

square in a circle diagram for career development support
  • You notice unwanted career patterns that you haven’t been able to shift
  • You are not sure you are on the right career path and want more information
  • You are going through a difficult work change
  • You are facing a career dilemma or crossroads 
  • You struggle with a particular issue at work

Some typical areas for development are:
  - interpersonal skills
  - communication (assertiveness, listening skills, presentation skills)
  - stress tolerance
  - confidence
  - motivation / perseverance

Proactive Career Management

Career development can also be a hopeful choice to pre-empt future issues.

For example, if you know you may be promoted into a more senior position that requires enhanced interpersonal or leadership skills, a career development process can help you focus your development efforts in the right places.

Addressing a career opportunity before it creates a dilemma can be a very empowering and confidence-building experience. Even if a particular issue is already looming, with foresight it is possible to head some difficulties off at the pass. 

Instead of working at the level of ‘solving problems’ you work more creatively by putting your energy into generating and pursuing ‘options’ that help you avoid future problems. 

You gain strength by preparing yourself and knowing what attitudes and behaviours are helpful in a new or difficult situation. And you do this before the situation becomes critical and forces changes that you didn’t choose.

Begin with the end in mind. -
Stephen R. Covey

If any of the following apply to you, you may benefit from career development support:

  • Your company or organisation is going through a major shift and you want to orientate yourself and develop a personal or team strategy for handling the change
  • You are considering a transition and want a professional, ‘neutral observer’ point of view
  • You want to work on a particular aspect of your professional life, for your own reasons (e.g. how you present to others or your ability to influence and persuade)

Career Development Support - Information & Resources

Although one of the most important areas of our life, few of us are trained in how to manage a career. 

It makes sense that when you need career advice you seek out someone who has specialist knowledge, insight and training in the career development field. 

If you are looking for information in the following areas, a career assessment and consultation may be useful to you:

  • You want an objective view of your strengths and developmental areas
  • You’ve had feedback on your developmental areas, but don’t know what to do about them
  • You are asked to write a Personal Development Plan, but don’t know what to write in it
  • You are in a leadership role and want to learn more about how to develop staff

There are many wonderful resources online for any career question you may have, but these are often generalised. (I will add some in here in due course). A career professional will offer more personalised and lasting support that will assist you in managing and reducing any risks associated with your career.

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